QUENTIN LAGONZA - Quentin Lagonza

Quentin Lagonza - Quentin Lagonza

10 songs
59:36 minutes
***** ***
Radar / Finest Noise


Local vintage rockers Quentin Lagonza, who have started three years ago, have demonstrated a lot of live presence but apart from a demo CD and their awkward participation on a well intended but ultimately disastrous compilation, you had to wait until late 2008 for their first real album to be released. The band has been very ambitious which shows on the enormous progress they made this time.

The first positive surprise comes with the perfectly adequate production that gives the band a warm, organic sound that gives the impression to be in the presence of a band in the late Sixties or early Seventies. Producer Yves Ditsch normally works with blues band, although the mix and mastering was in the able hands of Charel Stoltz who is no longer unknown in the local rock scene.

The songs are all between four and nine minutes long, which emphasises the jam character of their music. There is always enough room for improvisation. The bass guitar is droning threateningly, the guitar has a mean fuzzy sound, and the drums are pounding madly. The band cares for variety: there are dirty excursions like Desert Ride and Empty Space; the long Lonely Sky Dimension shows the band from their more introspective side. Other highlights are the Black Sabbath flavoured Over Again, and Blackout even sports a decent grunge flair.

Although the positive strongly outweighs the negative, the band still has some work to do. Their weakest link are the vocals that remind of a young Klaus Meine, but could use more power and firmness at times.

The sightly cover artwork which shows a mandala transformation of a Van Gogh painting comes in an original jewelcase packaging. Quentin Lagonza have made enormous progress lately, and if they continue to evolve at this rate, we should expect quite a lot from them in the future.

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