RACER X - Getting Heavier

Racer X - Getting Heavier

12 songs
56:23 minutes


Racer X were founded in the mid-Eighties by guitar hero Paul Gilbert and bass player John Alderete and they played quite a guitar orientated classic kind of heavy metal. They never really became very successful and Paul Gilbert changed to Mr Big in order to have finally commercial success. After leaving them and after some solo albums, he had the strange idea in 1999 to reform Racer X. Getting Heavier is already the third CD by the new Racer X. The very clean and transparent sound reflects a mixture of metal, rock, pop and a bit of blues. The first tracks Dr. X and Lucifer's Hammer are really played at an astonishing speed compared to the past. Racer X show what evolution means to them and don't try to clone themselves. Retro influences also are a part of Racer X's repertoire: Golden God shows some Rainbow parallels. But the CD does not only contain positive aspects; Bucket Of Rocks or Go-GG-Go for instance are average non exciting metal songs. Quite annoying is the helicopter sound in the background of Everything's Everything. The album really starts well, but after three songs, all the excitement has vanished. I can't imagine that this kind of metal will ever become very popular in Europe. It is probably more suited for the American market.

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