RACER X - Snowball Of Doom

Racer X - Snowball Of Doom

14 songs
56:54 minutes

When Hammerfall started the so-called revival of true metal, there were suddenly bunches of half-forgotten and entirely forgotten bands that claimed that they had a right to release some more albums again. I never really followed that movement, because it was hopelessly regressive from the very beginning, but in the case of Racer X, it's close to be a catastrophe. Why? Well, first of all, Racer X never were anything more than an anecdote in heavy metal music. They may have released some albums on Mike Varney's Shrapnel record label in the late 80ies, but sincerely, I always thought they were one of his least interesting bands. Then second, two of Racer X musicians became a lot more successful in later years. Paul Gilbert must have made millions with his hairspray band Mr Big, and Scott Travis joined Judas Priest and succeeded in rejuvenating them. So you guess they must have made it, and then they still get back to this 3rd class state of being.

Snowball Of Doom, subtitled Live At The Whisky, is nothing more than a really boring live album, with hopelessly outdated heavy metal that wasn't interesting to start with. Furthermore, Paul Gilbert is mentioning Ayn Rand in the credits, which should have made this a zero rating (probably the first time I ever considered such a low rating), but as I think the two dominatrixes on the cover look really funny (yeah, slap me, bitch), I will let it be 2 points this time. By the way, the new millennium caught up with the band, they have a homepage now.

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