RADAR - Rollsplitt

Radar - Rollsplitt

7 songs
44:16 minutes
***** **
Sweet Home


Let’s face it: instrumental post rock music was already passÚ before it even began. Most of us caught bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai already past their prime, and it’s really hard these days to discover new bands that add anything new or original to the genre. Radar from the state of Saxony in Germany at least try to freshen up the sound, and they do it by focusing on their German roots. Most of the time Rollsplit sounds like a crossbreed of jazzy Chicago school Ó la Tortoise teaming up with Nineties post-kraut sounds. This way Rollsplitt never really sounds like anything coming from the English parts of the world, which is good, because I probably couldn’t handle another clone band with a mile-long name.

Radar are always best when they are stranded in the Seventies, like on the seven and a half minute long Hometrainer which sound like Can at their danciest, or on the slightly shorter Coda which King Crimson wouldn’t have done better in their prime, and strangely enough even approaches the sound of Luxembourg’s instrumental kings Chief Mart’s. The remaining songs are all good and nice, but never really catch my attention except for occasional moments that are inspired.

Vocal music is always easier to grasp than instrumental pieces, and I have listened at least half a dozen times to Rollsplitt, so I can state without a bad conscience that this is an above-average post rock album that could have been so much more if the aforementioned stellar moments would have been upheld for the entire three quarters of an hour!

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