Radical Address - Anger And Pain

7 songs
18:59 minutes
I.C. Recordings


I don't really like it when bands start their albums with shots fired from a gun. This might have been funny on the debut album from Body Count, but meanwhile the effect has been repeated so many times that there is nothing cool about it anymore. And that's where we come to the major problem of this mini-CD by East Germany's Radical Address. Everything they do has been done already so many times before, and most of the time with better quality. Anger And Pain is typical old school hardcore with a certain amount of metal elements, reminding during the slower parts of early Cro-Mags, while the faster ones head into a more classic SOIA or Madball direction. The lyrics are, of course, all about unity and friendship, and as good as they are meant, they are delivered by an angry vocalist who doesn't that sound at all, but whose pronunciation is rather garbled. With only seven songs, this release is consumed in under twenty minutes, and while the opener No More Sell Out, the title track and the closing K.F.L.C. are showing these guys from their better side, Anger And Pain still doesn't get above average.

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