Raising Fear - Avalon

12 songs
61:14 minutes
***** **


Raising Fear have the bad luck to be one more power metal band that despite its obvious qualities somehow seems to drown in the mass of released trad metal albums. First of all I couldn't even remember their debut Mythos, and then all of a sudden their second CD Avalon was at the bottom of the albums that yet needed to be reviewed, so I showed some mercy and listened a couple of times to it. Again, the Italians came up with a concept album, but don't expect me to tell you about the story as I think that those medieval/time-travel stories are juvenile, to say the least, and the undisputable qualities of Avalon don't need that kind of background.

Consisting of members who used to play with the lesser known bands War Trains (power thrash metal) and Helreidh (symphonic metal), Raising Fear combine the two genres into something very classic which nonetheless leaves enough room for technical finesse. Especially the 14-minute-long title track is epic metal at its most uncompromising. The idea of a concept albums unfortunately also demands intros (four on this record), yet the eight regular songs are never shorter than four minutes and treat the whole classic metal territory, from groovy rockers over epic power metal to fast and furious metal hymns. You can say a lot about Raising Fear, but certainly not that one song sounds like another.

Avalon is a very good power metal, especially for those who are still firmly rooted in the Eighties, and although the combination of power and prog elements certainly has its glorious moments, it also makes it sometimes hard to remember the songs easily, which means you need to have time to invest. 7 points for a surprisingly convincing album of a band that needs to work on its accessibility if they want to enter the Champions League of heavy metal.

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