Raising Fear - Mythos

10 songs
58:30 minutes
***** *


Raising Fear is not only my favourite album by Armored Saint, but also the name of a young power metal band. Once we have dismissed the too colourful cover artwork (fantasy on LSD?), we are confronted with nine original compositions about the gods from all over the World, plus a rendition of the NWOBHM hit Angel Witch.

I get bored pretty quickly with bands that sing about the gods of the North, or the old Sumerian demons, or some Celtic legends, but when an Italian band pays tribute to them all plus also some Greek and Native American deities, I can't get past the impression that there is some tongue-in-cheek humour applied. At least the music wouldn't make you think so, because Raising Fear play purest power metal, without really caring for too melodic elements, which in itself is a good thing, giving the album the necessary amount of aggression that so many modern melodic power metal bands lack.

I only have a major problem with the vocals that sound just too high for this kind of music. A less shrieking singer would have given the music a more rocking attitude. Apart from the the vocals, which I really have a hard time with, you are faced to a powerfully produced metal album with heavy dual guitar attacks, fast drumming and most of the time a no-holds-barred kick ass attitude. While the two shorter songs Merlin and Acosta show Raising Fear from the better, more concise side, it's the longer tracks, especially the half-ballad The Goddess, that suffer from lengths. Old school metal fans should be attracted to Mythos, while general power metal fans better have a listen before deciding if they want to spend money on this or not.

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