RAM - Lightbringer

Ram - Lightbringer

10 songs
49:06 minutes
***** *


The band name is quite nondescript, and the cover artwork is bland, to say the least. Although this looks like the work of inexperienced newcomers, Ram released already a debut called Forced Entry four years ago. I was not familiar with their past, but their authentic true / power metal with strong nods to the Eighties should at least partially excite the listener.

To a certain extent, they have been inspired by American legends, and especially instrumentation and songwriting call for comparisons with Riot, Omen and mid-tempo Overkill. But also European influences can be made out. The NWOBHM has definitely left their traces on the band members whose music also sounds quite simple, uncomplicated and full of joy of playing. The voice has been inspired from Danish metal. The partly very high and stressed vocals remind of King Diamond in his early Mercyful Fate days. Certainly not to everybody’s taste, but definitely done with a certain amount of charm. When it comes to songwriting, the band is always best when they play their shorter material. Lightbringer, Awakening The Chimaera and Blood God offer thanks to smartly chosen changes of pace good entertainment. Suomussalmi is slightly longer than nine minutes and feels drawn to unnecessary lengths, mostly to the spoken word parts. The three minute long, doomy outro could also have turned out shorter. In Victory is another failure where Ram sound to tame and shallow.

After all is said and done, Lightbringer comes with six timeless metal classic that should mainly appeal to nostalgic metal fans. Ram should offer more of this on their next output, because three fillers and one truly failed track might be enough to deter potential buyers. Potential is undeniable, but Ram need to work hard on delivering only quality material in the future.

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