RAMESSES - 3 Track Promo

Ramesses - 3 Track Promo

3 songs
20:09 minutes
***** ***


It would be a blatant lie to say I grew up with doom metal, but when I first came in contact with that genre, beyond the godfathers Black Sabbath, it was through an obscure label compilation by Rise Above Records which a little later also released the debut of the British power doomsters Electric Wizard. After four albums and a couple of EPs, the bassplayer and the drummer of EW decided to quit and found a new band with a different vocalist: Ramesses.

Ramesses is what you can expect from the people involved, ultra-heavy sludgy doom, not that different from swimming through a lake of molten lava. This music hurts, but it's a cleansing pain, and let's not talk of monotony, but mind-bending hypnotism. What came to be doom in the late Eighties or early Nineties is much slower and more brutal than Black Sabbath ever was. It's like an exercise in slow motion. Certainly this music is not for everybody, but those who followed the ways of the initiators, like Sleep or Cathedral, will adore this take-no-prisoners attitude.

The promo package contains the two songs Master Your Demons and Ramesses II from the split-CD with Negative Reaction from New York, as well as the ten minute torture Black Domina which will be featured on the Dreams Of What Life Could Have Been compilation by the Austrian Psychedoomelic label. This promo CD is not for sale, but gives a fair impression of a promising new band. Check out their homepage to see where their releases are available.

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