RANDALE - Randale Rock'n'Roll

Randale - Randale Rock'n'Roll

14 songs
51:16 minutes
***** *


Every two years, during Autumn, it is time for a new album by Randale, a German band that plays rock music for children. If this sounds like a strange idea to you, think again: the band has sold over 50.000 CDs during the last ten years! The new longplayer is titled Randale Rock’n’Roll, 1. because that’s a cool title, and 2. because the songs are aimed at slightly older kids. Therefore it is hardly a coincidence that the cover artwork has been inspired.

The album starts with the title track that comes with a steady beat and is straightforward rocker. There’s also traditional rock music present, as on the cool Kinderzimmer-Punk which is an ironic take at the issue of education. Omma und Oppa sounds like an Udo Lindenberg tribute to children. More timeless rock music can be heard on Rakete and Fernweh. Those are all quite good songs, even though it wouldn’t have done any harm if the band had played them a little faster. We are talking about rock’n’roll music after all. Bärenstark, which is dealing with typical childhood fears, can even be considered AC/DC styled hard rock. Other genres that can be discovered are reggae (Monster), comedy (Käpt’n Wurstsalat), NDW themed pop (Sommer), wave (Sonntag) and bossa nova (Immer wenn ich traurig bin). And if you like your music with really a lot of rhythm, you have to check out Hört ihr wie die Trommeln singen?. Randale Rock’n’Roll offers what you expect from the band: a journey through many different musical genres without ever sounding extreme. I would have preferred a little more punch, so that the new album doesn’t quite have the same appeal as its predecessor Punkpanda Peter.

In the end Randale Rock’n’Roll is certainly not a true rock album, and like in the past, Randale offer different musical perspectives with pedagogical content. Vocalist Jochen Vahle believes that the music is aimed at kids wearing dress sizes 116 to 140. Parents should be aware that there is a lot of music for children around that has much less to offer than this very special quartet from Bielefeld.

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