RAVENSCRY - Ravenscry

Ravenscry - Ravenscry

5 songs
23:46 minutes


Ravenscry is a quintet from Milan that lies stylistically between the melodic and gothic metal genres. The progressive component that the band is pointing out in their info sheet is actually harder to hear. Their debut is a self-released and self-titled EP containing five tracks.

Consisting of four musicians and a good looking female vocalist, Ravenscry start with Nobody with modern metal full of keyboards and a somewhat high voice that reminded me a little of Within Temptation. The songs are cleanly arranged, but you will look in vain for an own identity. The opener and the following Calliope still work decently because of their catchiness, but the Redemption trilogy that ends the record is harder to digest. The first part – Rainy – is a piano ballad as we have come to know from Evanescence. The second part – Reflection – is a pseudo-symphonic instrumental with little redeeming value. The third part – Far Away – sounds again more typical, even if the high vocals are not really to my taste.

This debut left me overall with a bland aftertaste. Two songs didn’t work at all for me, and the remaining three show promise but are proof of a band that still has much to learn, in order to come up with more original and consequently viable music.

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