RAWSIDE - Outlaw

Rawside - Outlaw

14 songs
42:47 minutes
***** ***
Earth A.D.


OK, so my first reaction to hold a new Rawside album in my hands was rather ambiguous. When most of the guys who go to punk shows these days were still years before puberty, Rawside were one of the first bands I ever saw live, about 1995 in the Kulturfabrik which we used to call Schluechthaus back then, and when the majority of shows was made up of underground punk and not some polished world music and sterile nu metal. But I am drifting off...

Do we still need a band like Rawside in 2004? I mean, globalisation and neo-liberalism are omnipresent, and brutal punk with uneasy political lyrics, all clad in red-and-black cover artwork, won't change the world either, but Outlaw is still one heck of an album. Rawside always managed to play a bastardly dirty kind of punk that always was a hair's breadth short of hardcore music. So although this is as old-school as it can come these days, it's refresheningly far away from New York clichés and concentrates therefore on the more political side of punk. And while melodic elements can be detected occasionnaly, as on Right Or Wrong, the biggest part of the album is still like "the good old days", and especially the German songs (Rufmord, Es herrscht Krieg) have a very special dynamics that remind of Emils and Idiots. At the end of the rather long album, you get with The Hunt a relatively well done New Model Army cover version and at the very end, as a hidden bonus track, they do a little tribute to the resurfaced Spermbirds. And while Outlaw is anything but original, it is also a fun ride that shows that old farts sometimes rock best.

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