RAZORBACK - Animal Anger

Razorback - Animal Anger

10 songs
43:06 minutes


The album cover showing a wild boar looks quite impressive and this animal is nearly as cool as Motörhead's Capricorn. So I hoped that the music would be as raw and dirty. But a short glimpse at the info sheet revealed that Razorback is composed of a Majesty musician and other melodic rockers and my hopes for a good record were vanishing rapidly. The person who has written the info sheet must have a lot of imagination (and even more adjectives) because this awful melodic metal bands is described as groovy, catchy, crunchy, dynamic, sensitive, fresh, creative and extremely rocky. I beg to differ, as in my opinion, Razorback is nothing more than just another below average German melodic metal band. Every metalhead should have such good ears to hear that there's nothing new on this CD. Most songs are even much too soft for being called metal. Razorback often aren't harder than Nickelback & Co. Tracks like The Hymn, One By One or Fire And Rain are just good enough to turn the milk sour. And when they try to be harder, the result is nothing else but cliché driven metal (Release Me, Eye Of The Storm). Text passages like 'You have to be strong and try to survive' or 'The fire is burning but you are returning' don't help to make the songs better. There have been actually quite a lot of good metal releases this year already, so I don't see any reason why you should listen to Razorback.

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