RAZOR BALL - Razor Ball

Razor Ball - Razor Ball

12 songs
45:47 minutes
***** **


There should always be a certain degree of scepticism involved when renowned studio musicians decide to make a band of their own. Band leader Greg Hampton co-wrote songs already for the likes of Pink, Sheryl Crow and many other pop and rock artists. Fortunately, Razor Ball is neither pop nor rock, but crunchy hard rock the way it was popular in the late Eighties to the early Nineties. In fact Razor Ball are oscillating between bluesy hard rock’n’roll and funk infused hard rock, so that names like Aerosmith and Black Crowes but also Living Colour and Mother’s Finest come to mind.

Razor Ball is anything but original, but you have to concede that they managed to record a timeless piece of hard rock music. The production is at times what I’d call wild, which is mostly obvious on the opener Sure Won’t Hurt You that at its most chaotic sounds as if every band member is playing his own song, even though the different plot strands find together in the end. This sometimes very free instrumentation gives the album its charm, avoiding that the music sounds to clean. Guitarist Reeves Gabrels used to be in Tin Machine, and later on was a steady musical companion for David Bowie.

Eventually Razor Ball feels like the work of studio artists taking a break from their daily activities, trying to get as much fun as possible out of this project. And it works. It’s an unpretentious ride through the sunny side of hard rock music.

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