RAZORBLADE - Razorblade

Razorblade - Razorblade

11 songs
30:25 minutes


Razorblade from the Netherlands were founded in 2001 in order to play simple but aggressive Oi music. After the release of their debut Spreading Fear (December 2002), their fans had to wait for over three years for the self-titled second release. This long break was caused by the usual reasons like line-up changes and touring.

The opener Put In The Boot sets immediately the mood for a simple, very hard and uptempo Oi album. This is amusing for a short while and especially the thrash metal influenced Razorblade isn't too bad. But after a few songs, the whole record becomes a bit monotonous. The same riffs and ideas are repeated just too often. The singer has an angry and aggressive voice that doesn't know any variation. But the instrumental T.V.G. can't convince me either. Even when Razorblade are trying new ideas like a melodic choir on No 1 Hit Machine or an acoustic intro (Carpe Diem), these gadgets don't fit with the band's general sound. One of the few better tracks is the Oi hymn Not Welcome which is probably a live highlight.

I'm not the biggest Oi fan and don't want to judge Razorblade too severely. It's possible that their music is very popular in the skinhead scene. But their record sounds just too repetitive and I don't think that there is a chance for me to listen to it one more time.

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