RAZOR BLAZERS - I'm Sick / Linear Rerun (7-Inch)

Razor Blazers - I'm Sick / Linear Rerun (7-Inch)

2 songs
9:21 minutes
***** ***
Windows Have Eyes


Financed with a Kickstarter campain, psychedelic rock band Razor Blazers have come up with quite the crazy idea for their seven inch vinyl record I’m Sick / Linear Rerun. Limited editions are all nice and good, but most of the time they offer nothing more exciting than a handwritten number to display its uniqueness. Not so Razor Blazers, who commissioned fifty artists to create each ten unique cover artworks. So if you buy a record, you can be assured that it is a truly unique item. The price tag of 10 dollars might be a little steep, but all proceeds go to Kusi Kawsay, an alternative school in the Peruvian Andes.

After having explained this truly amazing concept to be different, it’s of course easy to forget about the music. But that would not be doing the band any justice. Especially the A-side contains with I’m Sick one of the most intense psyche rock songs I have heard in a very long time. Starting with a gloomy organ line, it is soon joined by a guitar brimming with coolness, before the female vocalist joins in with an incredibly captivating performance. The song is kept at a rather slow pace, and build an amazingly hypnotic mood over the course of its four minutes running time. It reminds me quite a little of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and even early Velvet Underground, although the song has enough power to stand and make it on its own. The B-side comes with the slightly longer Linear Rerun, and while this track doesn’t quite radiate the same amount of magic that the preceding song, it still is a wonderful foray into dreamy psychedelia.

It would be really nice to hear more music of this band. Razor Blazers may not be the most original band around. Their take on psychedelic music might even be called anachronistic. But they are acting with such an innocence and authenticity that listening to their music ends up in purest bliss. So I advise you to lend these guys a few moments of your time, and I am certain that vinyl collectors will be delighted by the original concept. Furthermore you are spending your money on a good cause.

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