RAZOR CRUSADE - Infinite Water

Razor Crusade - Infinite Water

12 songs
33:08 minutes
***** ***


Living in Holland can play tricks with your mind. This is a country that has not only a complete lack of mountains, but also has a lot of territory below water level, so that the whole country is constantly threaded by floods, making the Dutch masters of dam building. All this geographical information just to introduce Infinite Water, a CD by a young Dutch hardcore band, not only concerned about playing good music, but also about life in Holland, hence the album title.

Reading the lyrics, you wouldn't think so immediately, mostly because it's typical hard-to-understand emotional poetry, probably so intimate that only the writer himself knows what he is singing about. But hey, this is rock music, and not some comprehension test, so let's switch to the music, which really is quite outstanding. Razor Crusade combine modern hardcore music la Snapcase with contemporary metal sounds, adding some rocking elements and melodic-emotional vocals, as can be testified on The Low Spark and Sinking With Venice. There's also a lot of guest musicians, although the only time that really adds a surplus value to the song is at the very end of the album with the five minutes long This Is Not You, Holland, where the sad violin emphasised the melancholy of the song.

While the band may not yet have found a too original identity, they combine several modern styles into something very entertaining, and with the above-average songwriting and catchy melodies, this should be an album not only for melodic hardcore fans, but also for everyone who loves hardrocking emotional music. Only aquaphobics should abstain!

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