RAZOR FIST - Metal Minds

Razor Fist - Metal Minds

10 songs
39:31 minutes
***** ***
Pure Steel


There are many bands that play metal inspired by the genre’s golden days, but few manage to sound so authentic as Razor Fist from Wisconsin. Founded in 2005, they immediately released an EP which was followed by their first longplayer one year later. Their fans had to wait for three years for their next album Metal Minds to be released. Not familiar with the quartet, I had nothing but the band name to get an idea. It was consequently no big surprise that Razor Fist play heavy metal, but their approach belies their young age. Playing a subgenre which we had labelled speed metal a quarter century ago, the band not only relies on stylistic replication, but also took care to get a pleasantly dry sound that feels as if came straight from a time machine.

The record starts with the furious Fury Of The Warrior, an ideal track to summarise what Razor Fist is about. The pace is quite fast, the guitar plays fierce riffs but also delights with a cool solo, but it’s eventually the vocalist that will polarise the fan base. His high vocals remind of Living Death and Trouble (if the latter had been a speed instead of doom metal band), and it remains to be seen if everyone is willing to listen their way through forty minutes of his ceaseless shrieking. I rather like it, as it puts me in a nostalgic state of mind of a time when metal was still innocent, but it’s obvious that some may be at their wits’ end here.

Metal Minds is an outstanding speed metal album with some thrash elements, but is can’t yet achieve the same cult status that those that preceded it. First of all, the element of surprise and innovation is naturally absent, but secondly the album lacks the really big, outstanding moments that would make it an instant classic. What remains is a well done retro metal album that should please every fan of old school sounds and especially older metalheads that don’t mind reliving their youth.

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