Reaching Hand - Threshold

5 songs
9:20 minutes
***** ***
Chorus Of One


Reaching Hand act very old school on their debut EP Threshold. The five tracks don’t even add up to ten minutes, allowing you to guess that the Portuguese are rarely using the brake pedal. The most interesting thing about the band is doubtlessly the vocal work from their singer Sofia who doesn’t have to hide behind her male colleagues. Her voice sounds slightly more feminine than that of for instance Sabina Classen (Holy Moses), but still rawer than those of most other female singers. She makes for a refreshing change, as it would otherwise be impossible to label Reaching Hand as innovators. Their short record therefore is a lot of fun, mostly because their anger sounds authentic. Only the title track comes with male backing vocals, giving the song a slight emo touch. Fans of Champion and the likes will have a great time with Threshold.

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