READYDOT - Time Capsule

READYdot - Time Capsule

8 songs
26:02 minutes
***** ***


READYdot is best known for his DJ sets with which he gets the crowds dancing at the d:qliq on Friday and Saturday nights, so it is often forgotten that he’s also producing his own music. The first time I saw him perform live was two years ago, giving me the impression that he’s deeply rooted in Eighties synth pop music. Of course that hasn’t changed too much, but his new EP Time Capsule, released as a free download on the local net label Schnurstrax, is a good testimony of his development as a musician.

The eight featured songs are short instrumentals, apart from To Be where he shows that he’s also quite a talented singer. The album starts with the title track, a concise upbeat piece with a steady drum beat, an engaging bass line and synth leads that add floating melodies. The following Metrostation Sea Of Serenity is accordingly a moodier track, using more or less the same ingredients, but aiming for a science fictional atmosphere. He Is Alive is another downbeat track that amazes with a whispery lead that not always sounds right on the note, but gets its peculiar charm from just this improvisational touch.

The EP goes on just like that, offering modern day electronica from an artist who definitely is not aware of the current trends in the genre, but smart enough to add his bleepy and glitchy sounds from his youth. Time Capsule is too dark to be just another happy-go-lucky dance record, instead putting its emphasis on dark atmospheres and hypnotic beats.

With no piece longer than four minutes, you might have wished sometimes that READYdot had elaborated more on certain really strong moments, but his direct approach is preferable to artist who get lost in seemingly never ending parts. As a free download, this is of course a definite must-have for every fan of contemporary electronic music. It’s a short listen that has been recorded flawlessly, produced quite adequately and makes one only wish that he would play live sets more often.

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