Rebellion - Arise

12 songs
59:19 minutes
***** ****


In the beginning of their career, Rebellion had to put up with frequent comparisons to German metal pioneers Grave Digger, the former band of guitarist Uwe Lulis and bassist Tomi Göttlich. After their debut A Tragedy In Steel from 2002 dealing with MacBeth and its more secular follow-up Born A Rebel one year later, Rebellion started their Viking trilogy which now comes to an end with Arise: From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok – History of the Vikings, Vol. III.

After having digested that long title, it’s time to jump headfirst into the album which starts with the furious opener War. The band is definitely deeply rooted in the heavy metal genre, but the aggressive guitars, coming times come with the fierceness of thrash metal, make sure that we get hard hitting power metal. The album continues more or less in that vein, and while the second track Arise may be a little tamer, the following short Asgard cranks things up again. Halfway through the album, when things risk running out of steam, the band surprises with the epic Thor, with nine minute the longest song on the album. This majestic masterpiece starts on a threatening note before ending with symphonic orchestration. The last two songs also opt for a more dramatic approach, preventing the conclusion of the trilogy from allowing any hints of monotony to surface.

Rebellion resort heavily to your typical metal clichés which can best be observed on the Nordic cover artwork and the song titles. Considering that Uwe Lulis has been recording records for more than two decades, and practically helped inventing Teutonic metal, he should have our permission to continue playing this kind of music. Most importantly, despite its very classic nature, Arise is a perfectly produced piece of heavy metal performed by artists who still manage to sound fresh and fascinating after all these years.

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