REBELLION - Born A Rebel

Rebellion - Born A Rebel

11 songs
53:31 minutes
***** *


Rebellion is still a quite recent German heavy metal band, although some of the musicians have already gathered lots of experience while playing for Grave Digger. Their 2002 debut Shakespeare's MacBeth was a huge success, especially in Germany and Spain. The second CD is called Born A Rebel, and Rebellion intended to create a less monumental album. The songs are simpler and sound like German metal in the mid-Eighties. Maybe they learned playing like this while being the tour support for Running Wild. The opener Born A Rebel is a very fast song and would best fit in biker surroundings. To respect all metal clichés, the album contains of course a mid-tempo song (One For All), a Viking hymn (Dragons Fly) and of course a ballad (Iron Flames). I however prefer the straight and direct songs like the title track or Through The Fire which reflect the traditional values of heavy metal. I don't doubt that Born A Rebel will again be a success for Rebellion, but I prefer other metal genres.

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