REBELLION - Shakespeare's Macbeth

Rebellion - Shakespeare's Macbeth

11 songs
73:02 minutes
***** ***

Rebellion is a band found founded by two ex-Gravedigger musicians, and from there on, no more big surprises really. If you happen to be familiar with the work of the legendary German power metal band, you know that they are interested mostly in two things: history and Scotland. Well, it's nearly the same with Rebellion who are also interested mainly in two things, although here it is literature and... Scotland.

So Rebellion chose Shakespeare's Macbeth as the starting point for their album. In fact you could say that this is some kind of musical play, with spoken words part inbetween the songs. As there is a clear cut concept, you don't get individual songs that stick to your mind, but the album as a whole has a very homogenous atmosphere that makes you forget that it's lasting really long.

I could have given an even higher rating if Rebellion had tried to sound a little more different from their previous band, but the overall impression is really very good, especially the nearly 15-minutes long true epic Husbandry In Heaven which is among the best pieces I have heard from a metal band in a very long time.

If you like power metal in the vein of Gravedigger, you will also become a friend of this band. Otherwise still an interesting album to check out.

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