Recorded Home - A Sea Of Flakes

6 songs
15:45 minutes
***** **


Rarely a band has had a more fitting name than Recorded Home, a project led by Jean-Sébastien Nouveau, founding member of French post rock band Immune that has also already been reviewed on these pages. After a first home recorded album titled Home Recording No 1 in 2007, A Sea Of Flakes is now the second sign of life under the form of a short EP. Among the six tracks are two short intros, which leaves us with actually four regular tracks, although I strongly hesitate to call them songs.

Recorded alone by Monsieur Nouveau, he has in the meantime added two further musicians to allow Recorded Home to play live shows. Their array of instruments consists of acoustic and electric guitars, dictaphones, loop pedals, casio keyboards and a cello. This should already hint at the experimental nature of the music. Biggest influences is proudly claimed to be Robert Wyatt, and truth be told, Recorded Home show a similar aesthetic approach to some of the grand old master’s more obscure albums. The piano is tinkling, the electric guitar is droning while its acoustic counterpart is hesitatingly strumming timid chords, the whispered vocals add a haunting atmosphere, and that’s already the opener Song For Elena.

We even get an interpretation of Jacques Brel’s Les Marquises, but either this version has been dramatically alienated, or I am not as familiar with the Belgian chansonnier as I believed to be. The quarter hour long A Sea Of Flakes gives a brief glimpse into the claustrophobic mind of a tortured artist, and as such is intriguing and appealing. The short length of the EP makes sure that Recorded Home never overstay their welcome. Fans of intimate bedroom ruminations are at the right address, especially since this is a free download, coming complete with cover artwork.

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