RECTAL SMEGMA - Become The Bitch

Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch

16 songs
28:01 minutes
***** **


Letís face it: you just have to love the cartoon cover painting! When you flip open the CD, youíll see the musicians posing with strippers, which is a further hint at the bandís good taste in everything. Rectal Smegma is a gore grind quartet from the Netherlands which has been doing its dirty deeds since 2003. Become The Bitch is already their fourth longplayer, and their second on their current label Herrie Records.

The four guys leave out no single clickť, starting with their tasteful band name, and elaborating with intellectual song titles like Fistkiss, Cream Bukkake, Dilldozer, Erotic Fetus Fistfuck Fantasy (my favourite!) and many more. The question that arises is of course if Rectal Smegma can keep this up with their music. And yes, they can! Donít expect these Dutch sickos to reinvent the genre, but their mix of blast beat grindcore, old school death metal and a punkish attitude lets them come across as the bastard child of Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse, with Lemmy Kilmister standing in as the godfather.

The production is mean and dirty, which is perfect for this kind of music. The music definitely takes no prisoners and is as much at home with falling-down-the-stairs grindcore chaos as with groovier death metal parts. The vocals have this tendency as if coming (cumming?) through toilet plumbing, which may not be to everyoneís taste, but in this case it definitely fits.

Become The Bitch is thus an enjoyable half-hour ride through the diverse facets of extreme music, and together with the lovely artwork, should appeal to every respectable fan of grindcore/death metal.

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