RED AIM - Flesh For Fantasy

Red Aim - Flesh For Fantasy

11 songs
50:03 minutes
Metal Blade


It's not as if I don't have a sense of humour... I regularly piss my pants while watching brit coms, but when it comes to music, it has always been a very delicate thing to combine music with laughter. Red Aim is the band by a self-declared gynaecologist called Dr. Don Rogers, and Red Aim is the abbreviation for Roger's Electronic Dildo Anal Intruder Machine. Funny so far!

Once you start listening to the album, you get a whole different impression though. The music is solid stoner rock, with a good deal of metal influences. Modern enough, considering the basic work bands like Kyuss and QOTSA did before. Red Aim love stoner rock, that's the first impression you get, but they also want to make a parody of it, and somehow they never really hit the fine line that makes irony such a powerful weapon.

What irks me most is the Doc's voice, which is mostly hitting the high notes and reminds of a crossbreed between King Diamond and Prince. Yeah, there might be some soul to this, but it just doesn't sound right to my ears. Also the coverversion of the Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane is not very spectacular. The only highlight is the last and short song Aprilfuckers which had been released already on an EP before. This song shows how mean they can sound when Dr. Rogers screams like a man instead of like a woman.

People who want to know how funny stoner rock sounds should check this out, but it's definitely nothing for my ears. Sorry, but more than 5 points are out of the question this time.

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