RED AIM - Niagara

Red Aim - Niagara

15 songs
49:16 minutes
Metal Blade


I remember with horror Red Aim's last release Flesh For Fantasy, a combination of stoner rock and comedy which couldn't make me laugh. Two years later, they release their sixth full-length album called Niagara. The biggest musical change is the introduction of a fifth band member, Ray Volva, who plays the Hammond organ. By consequence, the humorous parts of Red Aim are pushed nearly totally into the background, which isn't a fault. But unfortunately the very penetrating Hammond sound also gives the music a seventies retro rock touch which I don't appreciate either. The opener Saputra is a too classical stoner rock track, a style that isn't in any more. Three songs on the CD also contain a famous children choir from Germany, but that original idea can't save the album, either. There are fortunately some good songs like Matula (cool rocker) or the more melodic songs like Almost Night Train, Parachute and Crying Is Blackmail, but my general impression is that Niagara is just too groovy and retro. The worst point of the album are the vocals by Dr. Don Rogers which are far below average. Even if Red Aim have done some progress concerning song writing, their front man, who's looking like a third class Las Vegas entertainer, tears every effort to pieces.

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