RED CHORD - Clients

Red Chord - Clients

11 songs
37:19 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Mmmh, considering Metal Blade used to be a (mostly) true metal label back in the Eighties and early Nineties, to have them now digging in the ever more popular metal core genre popularised by the likes of Relapse Records, sounds like jumping on the bandwagon, but then who can blame them for supporting bands of such a still fresh genre? Especially when it comes to signing The Red Chord who released two years ago their astounding debut Fused Together In Revolving Doors that sold over 25.000 times, due to the high quality and of the busy touring activities which even brought them to Europe.

Their label can now claim quite rightly that Clients is one of the most expected new albums, and what a hurricane of sound this has become. Already the opener Fixation On Plastics is fiercest progressive grind core, with the guitars always finding time to deliver ear-bending harmonics before they thrash on. The following Lay The Tarp has more of a hardcore mentality, but from there on it's mostly combining all their different genres in the short time of their songs (rarely longer than three minutes) that makes Clients one of the much better and even highly original metal core albums lately released.

Where the title song itself is a steaming grind song not even a minute long, the five minutes running Upper Decker is next to Antman (which can be downloaded at the band's website) the absolute highlight, even finding time for slower moments. Then songs into the album, and the first flawless half hour is over. The remaining seven minutes belong to the melodic heavy metal instrumental He Was Dead When I Got There, a piece that would have been great on any normal thrash metal album, but somehow is out of place on this more hectic masterpiece. But then you can just as well stop there and enjoy the regular ten songs as one of the most amazing chaos core metal whatever albums released this year.

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