RED CHORD - Prey For Eyes

Red Chord - Prey For Eyes

14 songs
45:53 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Two years after their excellent album Clients, Red Chord are back with their third release Prey For Eyes which logically continues the path from its predecessor. When this American East Coast math-metal-grind-core band started its career in the early moments of the new millennium, they were among the pioneers of the genre, so that you have to ask the question: have they been passed by the competition in the meantime? The simple answer is: no! Most aspiring mathy metalcore bands are excellent players, but Red Chord have the advantage of knowing how to build tremendous tension into their music. Although most of their songs are insanely complex prog grind songs, welcome change always surfaces at exactly the right moment. The album starts for instance with a fierce one minute burst Film Critiques And Militia Men, a song about a guy refusing to pay his taxes, before a couple of more regular Red Chord songs follow. First highlight is the quasi title track Pray For Eyes (one letter is different from the album title) where the band for a first time on the album crosses the four minute line with a slightly slower but still extremely brutal song. Other highlights are the instrumental It Came From Over There which sports some analogue synthesizers, and the concluding Seminar which with more than six minutes is the album’s longest track.

Red Chord have understood that in times where more and more bands crowd the math grind territory that it takes much more than just showing off your skills to make a good album. Prey For Eyes is an intelligent metalcore album that leaves room for more moderate parts, psychedelic moments and a strange sense of humour that sets its creators to the very top of the genre.

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