RED CIRCUIT - Homeland

Red Circuit - Homeland

10 songs
46:47 minutes
Limb Music


Red Circuit are a relatively young band from Germany that is perpetually oscillating between melodic and progressive metal. Their debut Trance State from 2006 is not followed by their second album simply titled Homeland.

From a technical perspective, Red Circuit are not making that bad a figure, but I still mourn their lack of risk taking when it comes to songwriting. They remind a lot of established acts like Vanden Plas and Symphony X, concentrating their efforts on melodic hard rock with a discreet progressive note. The keyboards play an important role, which doesn’t disturb under the circumstances. The band’s biggest trump is the strong voice of their vocalist Chitra Somapala who draws strong parallels to Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch. They have a second singer called Christine, but she restrains herself and therefore plays only a secondary role.

The CD’s highlight is doubtlessly Through The Eyes Of A Child, which is also featured on the band’s Myspace page. On this track, they play really fast and straightforward and are also not afraid from technical finesses. Overlaying numerous music and vocal tracks give the album an epic touch. Unfortunately this master stroke rarely works on the other tracks. Absinth has also some strong moments but takes too long to take off. Canonize Your Sins is another example of a song that has a tired start before it finally ignites. You Can Sleep While You’re Dead begins like an unexciting ballad but amazes later on thanks to its choir parts.

Red Circuit are a band with a lot of highs and lows. There is definitely potential but the band still needs to learn to get quicker to the point and to break loose from their oversized idols. If they ever manage to solve these problems, we can expect much more from them next time around.

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