REDEMPTION - The Fullness Of Time

Redemption - The Fullness Of Time

8 songs
57:27 minutes
***** *****


We have been promised so many progressive metal bands in the past just to be stranded with over-ambitious melodic metal bands, that I was not too hopeful for the second album of Redemption. Once I read that Fates Warning vocalist has become a full time member after Redemption founder Nicolas Van Dyk helped him out on his Engine album, I was becoming more interested.

And there is absolutely no reason to be disappointed. From the opener Threads on, you are treated with a crafty combination of hard progressive metal, symphonic arrangements, majestic guitar work and of course Ray Alder's fantastic voice we all have come to love from his prior albums with Fates Warning. Speaking of which, second guitar is played by Bernie Versailles who used to play with prog speed initiators Agent Steel before he teamed up with FW. The rhythm section is comprised of people from Californian proggers Prymary.

The Fullness Of Time can be seen as consisting of three parts. It all begins with three moderately long songs that are the easiest to follow. Not overly complicated do these tracks display a certain accessibility that should please fans of Dream Theater. The middle of the album consists of the sixteen minute epic Sapphire, a true monster of a prog song, with lots of crazy instrumental stuff but always coming down to something sounding like a normal prog metal song. The album ends with the four parted title song, becoming more symphonic than the previous tracks, but by adding another dimension only elevating the musical level to an even higher sphere.

The funny thing is that three years ago I came across Redemption's debut album and hardly noticed it. Was it because back then the vocals were delivered by former Steel Prophet singer Rick Mythiasin? Three years is a long time, and all I know now is that The Fullness Of Time is a perfect hard prog album, always finding the right balance between inane complexity, mind-burrowing melodies and spine-shivering song writing, all encompassed by an incredibly fat production and some of the best musical virtuosity I have encountered in a long time. Very highly recommended!

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