REDEMPTION - The Origins Of Ruin

Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin

9 songs
57:12 minutes
***** ****


Redemption surprised the prog community two years ago with their amazing second album The Fullness Of Time, and now they are back with their third album The Origins Of Ruin, already released on their third label. At least the band stayed nearly the same, with only a new bass player, which doesn’t really change the sound.

Band leader Nicolas van Dyk is still supported by former Agent Steel member Bernie Versailles on second guitar, and the vocals are again delivered by Fates Warning singer Ray Alder, in my opinion the best of his trade.

It seems that Redemption become more accessible with every album, and in their case, it’s a good thing. For instance this is the first time that there is not a single track longer than ten minutes, although Memory and Fall On You come very close. There are no special songs to highlight. The nine songs are kept on an equally high level throughout the one hour running time. Alder’s vocals bring the music of course dangerously close to Fates Warning territory, but van Dyk’s songwriting is darker and generally more powerful, combining to complexities of prog metal with a more aggressive power metal energy.

The surprise factor is gone, which is why this time I will not give a maximum rating, but when it comes to butt-kicking prog metal, there is hardly any band faring better than Redemption at the moment. Excellent!

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