REFLECTION - When Shadows Fall

Reflection - When Shadows Fall

12 songs
47:47 minutes
Cruz Del Sur


It is a common known fact that heavy metal is something very important for Greek people. Maybe it’s their cultural heritage full of Spartan and Trojan warriors that allowed true metal bands to leave such a huge impact on this South Eastern European country. Reflection is a quintet from Athens that has been struggling for attention since the early Nineties. After a string of demos, they self-released their debut in 1999, came back with a follow-up on a small label in 2003, and once again it took them many years for their third offering, finally on a somewhat bigger label.

When Shadows Fall starts with the mandatory intro which is followed by the dramatic Mistress Of Sea, an epic slab of doom flavoured heavy metal that somehow doesn’t want to work as a good start into the album. The following Ghost Ship makes it clear that Reflection don’t really care for much dynamism and feel perfectly at ease in slow to mid-tempo regions. This works nice for some bands (Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus,…), but Reflection lack many things to count themselves among that elite. First of all, the production is a little flat, giving their music the feeling of a better mixed demo only. The songwriting fails to keep my attention. Everything sounds too much the same. In fact Reflection can be compared to early Manowar when they were at their most dramatic, but once again, the Greeks don’t have an Eric Adams on the microphone.

The keyboards are used decently though, creating mostly dark atmospheres, but when the CD ends after three quarters of an hour with a not too exciting orchestral version of Mistress Of Sea, it is clear that Reflection definitely need to ponder their songwriting and hire a more introspective producer who helps them to realise their vision. Although, if they continue with their rhythm, don’t expect a new album before 2012!

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