REGURGITATE - Hatefilled Vengeance

Regurgitate - Hatefilled Vengeance

18 songs
17:16 minutes
***** *****
Relapse / Suburban


Yes, this is definitely one of the strongest grind core albums I have ever heard. Regurgitate from Sweden have been founded way back in 1990, and have released already a whole bunch of CDs and vinyls. Just check out their cool homepage to get an overview of their creativity.

Hatefilled Vengeance is a new mini-album that contains 18 songs with an average playing time below one minute. The first 10 songs are re-recorded songs from the band's past, the other ones are brand new. Titles like Vulva Fermentation, Testicular Trauma or Emethic Jizz Treatment reveal a mental relationship with grind gods Carcass, and this combined with the small outburstish songs means that this is one of the fiercest albums ever. And do not even dare to think that this is some kind of unmusical chaos. The production is totally perfect, the songs are played very tightly, with - and this may come as a surprise - enough room for occasional doom parts and even some rock'n'rollish elements, without the latter ever sounding cliché-laden.

You can tell I love this CD, and initially I wanted to give it a good nine point rating, but come to think of it, this is - next to Cattle Decapitation - the coolest and most uncompromising grind as fuck I have heard in a long time. This, plus the fact that this album doesn't allow you to become bored (only gored) justifies a maximum rating in this case.

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