REIGN OF TERROR - Conquer & Divide

Reign Of Terror - Conquer & Divide

11 songs
65:08 minutes


The Reign Of Fire is a melodic US power metal band. The opener and title track is a very fast song with rapid bombast drumming, guitar riffs played at maximum speed and high-pitched vocals. The use of keyboards by a guest musician gives the song a slight melodic touch. It is musically at a top level, but the extend of guitar solos is a bit exhausting. The next track No Forgiving is worse than the opener because it contains a huge amount of chained guitar solos. This music was up to date 15 years ago. Although I have no doubts that Reign Of Terror deliver excellent guitar music, I see no reason to put all those solos on one CD. This fourth CD by the band underlines that they have their roots in the past and parallels to Rainbow, Deep Purple, Fireball or Yngwie J. Malmsteen are obvious. Definitely not the most original choice the band has done here. Another weak point on the record is the lack of diversion. Nearly all songs are fast, but still melodic with more or less the same vocal lines and musical arrangements. One of the only few positive exceptions is the 7 minutes lasting The Meaning, a soothing relaxation after all those guitar attacks. But I come to the conclusion that I can't appreciate this album if you haven't guessed yet.

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