REKA - Renaissance

Reka - Renaissance

4 songs
34:04 minutes
***** **
Moment Of Collapse


Consisting of musicians from Russian bands Optimus Prime and Fortunae Verbera plus the vocalist of French band Celeste, Reka have been regularly releasing albums since 2010. Renaissance is not exactly a new one, but rather a remastered re-release on brown vinyl of last year’s record III, minus one track. But that’s the constraint of the analogue format.

As it is, we are left with four long tracks, running each between seven and ten minutes, showcasing the band’s hefty brand of hardcore with a healthy dose of screamo and post metal. The excellent production emphasises the musicians’ dynamic instrumentation, and it’s no coincidence that one feels reminded of Celeste, even though Reka seem to have a less hectic approach to songwriting.

While the band does play on a constantly elevated level, it should also be pointed out that it is hard to make out any special highlight. The different songs naturally don’t use your typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus-break-chorus structure, but instead aims to build up suspense and gravitas. This works all wonderfully well, but of course is nothing that other bands haven’t done before. Reka don’t stand back though, and should find a safe audience with Renaissance. The original album III meanwhile can be purchases for 1$ or more on their Bandcamp page.

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