REKORDER - Lass uns reisen

Rekorder - Lass uns reisen

11 songs
46:51 minutes
***** **


Rekorder from Frankfurt released a three track EP in 2005. Their next release is Lass uns reisen, their first full-length CD. Two minutes into the album, two comparisons imprinted themselves on my mind: Selig and Fast Food Cannibals, one more and one less popular indie rock bands from the mid-Nineties. The vocals, especially on the mellower parts, sound like Xavier Naidoo, but Rekorder’s music has more balls than all the sons of Mannheim have together. Even if Rekorder are not shy about using distorted guitars, don’t expect anything brutal. They play a kind of timeless indie rock for open-minded pop and rock fans. Wo bist du? is the album’s most aggressive track, but still ok for mainstream radio programs. Rekorder’s emotional side has them adding angry and sad moods (Nacht, Du und ich). If you like catchy tunes, check out Astronauten, So weit and In meinem Garten. Friends of softer music should embrace the sad semi-ballad Rauch im Raum and the quiet Alex auf dem Hausboot.

I appreciate very much that Rekorder show that it’s still possible to make pop and rock music with German vocals without having to sound like Sportfreunde Stiller or Wir sind Helden, although their music would have been trendier twelve years ago. Lass uns reisen is a respectable debut, although a little too long. After the first eight tracks, there’s nothing new to discover on this debut.

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