Remember Twilight - 2-song EP

8:04 minutes
***** ***


Remember Twilight released a 7-song EP already some time ago, which made this 2-song EP some kind of surprise because I was expecting a full length album. Still, Remember Twilight prove again that they are one of the most interesting German folk metal bands. OK, so they are calling their music Kammermusik Core, but it's definitely more metal than core (although there are maybe a few punk influences), and the chamber music may be explained by two violinists and one cellist in the line-up, next to drums, bass and guitar, of course.

The opener Der Wahnsinn lebt is a rather fast and energetic tune, whereas Wirklichkeit verstehen is somewhat longer, and building more on atmospheres before starting to rock. The production has become more dynamic, compared to the predecessor. In many ways, Remember Twilight can be compared to In Extremo, although they have a more classical and less folky approach and are therefore not a clone, but probably aim at a similar fan audience.

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