REMEMBER TWILIGHT - Musik über Niedergang und Verderben

Remember Twilight - Musik über Niedergang und Verderben

11 songs
37:57 minutes
***** ***


Remember Twilight from Stuttgart have labelled their music kammermusik core, which is as odd a description as you can get. Strictly speaking, they are less chamber music than folk metal, although of the better kind. Musik über Niedergang und Verderben is the band’s second longplayer.

Confronting hard metal riffs with classical instruments like violins and oboes, Remember Twilight are acting in the vein of popular German bands like In Extremo and Subway To Sally, but they are nonetheless able to retain their own sound. The songs have strong arrangements, the balance between aggressive parts and playful melodies works perfectly. Timo Nußbaum’s rather raw voice matches fittingly, adding to the music’s drive. There is also no sparseness of mood changes, forbidding boredom to even surface in the least.

The album starts rather powerfully, followed my a more settled middle part, with a rather special interpretation of Mackie Messer from Brecht’s Dreigroschenoper coming across as a shanty. In The Long Run – Am Ende is a dark and brooding track, somewhat untypical of Remember Twilight. The CD’s final part features three remixes, two of which were already on their EP Der tolle Mensch. The Metallspürhunde remix by Künstler der Dekadenz ventures into electronica, which works nice enough, even if it’s just for fun.

It’s obvious that Remember Twilight don’t really set new accents with Musik über Niedergang und Verderben, but they follow their path consequently. Those who like their previous records will also have no problems with their new one.

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