RENO DIVORCE - Tears Before Breakfast

Reno Divorce - Tears Before Breakfast

11 songs
35:28 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


The last album of American rock band Reno Divorce came out in 2003. The four musicians from Colorado took over six years to release their following CD You’re Only Making It Worse. This is explained by vast tours, but also a lot of personal problems that had to be solved first. Tears Before Breakfast is the band’s third longplayer and offers once again an uncomplicated mix of rock, punk and country.

Comparisons to Mike Ness and Social Distortion arise, and it will be really hard for Reno Divorce to deny them. It would be unfair though to dismiss them as a simple clone. Reno Divorce take their songwriting very seriously and take care to add enough variety. Next to a couple of true rockers (I Won’t Say No, How Long’s It Been?), there is also a more melancholic side (True Love, Our Dreams Are The Same). Country fans will get their share of fun with Firecracker and Can’t Win For Losin’. No matter what, the melodies are catchy on all of their songs, having you sing along no later than after the third time through the album.

Reno Divorce won’t get a prize for originality, but thanks to the involving songwriting, Tears Before Breakfast has still become a strong album. As it will probably be ages before a new Mike Ness or Social Distortion release, we might as well sweeten the wait with this CD.

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