RESTRUCT - Built Back Up From Self-Destruction

Restruct - Built Back Up From Self-Destruction

13 songs
56:36 minutes


Restruct are a regular Can-Am Connection consisting of four musicians from Vancouver and one from Washington. Founded in 2005, the band has had so far no success in finding a record company, so that they decided this year to self-release their debut Built Back Up From Self-Destruction.

They have proceeded quite professionally as the sound is no different than that of a truly expensive production. The music sounds very transparent but also a little too slick. Restruct label their music mainstream, a word which I have always considered to be rather an invective than a compliment. Locating themselves somewhere between hard rock, modern metal and grunge, they make sure to provide a timeless sound. There are no complaints about the musicians’ technical abilities, and the vocalist trumps with a charismatic performance. All of this doesn’t help much when the songwriting can’t quite keep up. Adhering to close to their influences Nickelback, Puddle Of Mudd, Alice In Chains, Mad Season…, Restruct play music that is anything but exciting. Some tracks are not bad at all, like Peeling Skin where they dare to let themselves go, or the catchy Sex Slave which is purest grunge, but over the length of nearly an hour, this is just not enough. Too many songs are only average and have a certain soporific effect, which is a shame.

Restruct definitely have worked hard to come up with a professionally sounding debut, but there are still strong deficits when it comes to originality. The band should consider letting loose of their big influences and play their songs more often straight from the gut. AOR, modern rock and grunge fans may find something to like, but everybody else is at the wrong address here.

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