Retrace My Fragments - Vertizontal

7 songs
27:57 minutes
***** **


Apart from being a renowned chef, Antonio Martija is one of the most characteristic frontmen in Luxembourg, having being a part of the metalcore scene even before it had that name. His last band Ganesha was one of those bands everybody loved but who eventually didn’t make it as big as they deserved, and then disbanded. Maybe it’s unfair to pinpoint a band to its singer, but somehow in this case, it makes sense, as his new outfit Retrace My Fragments continue exactly where his former band left. The only difference is: five years have since passed, and what was mindblowingly original in the early 2000s has in the meantime been made popular by bands like Between The Buried And Me and The Red Chord, artists who have a definite influence on Retrace My Fragments.

This means you get mathcore metal of the most uncompromising kind, with Martija hysterically bellowing his soul out of his body, while the musicians are blasting through hyperfast and just as complex song structures. Half a decade ago, this would have been revolutionary, but nowadays, the competition has become fiercer, and it’s not so easy anymore to stand out in this admittedly very demanding genre.

The songs are full of ideas and variety, the guitars add enough harmony to make this more than just instrumental show off, but the production lacks the power and transparency of the more successful followers of this genre, which eventually strips the music a little of its potential. If Retrace My Fragments add a little more dynamics to their music and allow for sometimes more moderate parts, their extreme side would be emphasised even more.

That notwithstanding, Vertizontal is already a very solid debut that occasionally suffers from a not yet professional sound, but the instrumental abilities are without a doubt. And that Martija is one of the most gifted and scariest vocalists in Luxembourg is also beyond discussion.

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