REUNION SHOW - Kill Your Television

Reunion Show - Kill Your Television

11 songs
35:08 minutes
***** ****


Just another pop punk band... was my first thought when I read the label information sheet. What a surprise when I had listened in my most prejudiced way to the first longplaying CD of this East Coast band. Considering that the roots of the Reunion Show lie in the ska genre, we can be happy that they have evolved into the higher spheres of pure pop music with fantastic songwriting. Which means: Kill Your Television may be labelled as pop punk, melodic punk, power pop, or whatever comes to your mind, but it is a fact that it is rare to find young people writing songs that are as catchy as on this record. The only comparison (when it comes to quality) are Weezer - still much underrated over here in Europe.

It's hard to say if the Reunion Show are original. I even doubt it, but their blend of Weezer pop accessibility and late 70ies new wave pop hooks with lots of Moog synthesizers ( la The Cars) is so refreshing in a time where everybody needs to be tougher than everybody else that it is pure delight to listen to future pop classics like New Rock Revolution (my favourite song on the album), On A Scale From One To Awesome You're Pretty Great (my favourite song title) and Television. The latter song has been made into a video clip by comedian Andy Dick, which is another reason why this band rules.

This is no kiddie punk though, and it is a lot more mature than your average Green Day and Blink 182 clones. The Reunion Show may not receive the fame of the aforementioned bands, but this shouldn't prevent any friend of perfect pop hooks to get this CD as soon as possible.

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