RE-VISION - Longevity

re-Vision - Longevity

15 songs
67:30 minutes
***** *****

Melodic metal, power metal, epic metal,... you name it. There's a whole new wave of metal bands that jump on a trend wagon and try to cash in on the hype. And then there's re-Vision, a uniquely original metal band that first showed itself to the World in 1997 with its debut album. Then there was the great Whore Venus EP some time later. But I doubt that anyone would have expected a killer album like the new Longevity.

You may think metal is boring, full of clichés and even dead, but then you haven't listened to re-Vision. The first two songs (Longevity and Downfall) already make up for the price of the CD, but what is yet to come is also very good. Re-Vision are melodic and mystic at the same time, and although their music has sometimes a touch of darkness, it is never gloomy. Frank Wenner is a charismatic singer, and the musicians have the gift to play a brand of metal that doesn't call up parallels to other metal bands. Of course heavy metal is not reinvented on this CD, but – and that's even better – re-Vision find their own place in the broad spectrum of metal sounds. Whether you like gothic, thrash, melodic or whatever metal, you will always discover your taste of music on this CD. And this does NOT (note the capital letters) mean that re-Vision try to make it ok for everyone, they just have such a broad vision that encompasses ALL.

Alright, enough talking done. I hate giving 10 points for a CD, but do I have a choice with this CD? It's excellently produced, has long playing time, great songs... The name dropping (Paul DiAnno ex-singer of Iron Maiden and Kai Hoffmann ex-singer of Secret Discovery... lots of ex's, ha ha) isn't even necessary because re-Vision are strong enough to kick the shit out of your brain without anybody's help. By the way, also great cover artwork and a nice webpage.

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