Revolting Cocks - Got Cock?

11 songs
53:54 minutes
***** **
13th Planet


With Ministry having slowly come to an end, Al Jourgensen can spend now all of his energies on Revolting Cocks, a band that existed from the mid-Eighties to the mid-Nineties, and them resurfaced in 2006 more busily than ever. Last year they released Sex-O Olympic-O and the related remix album Sex-O MiXXX-O, and despite a life of frequent substance abuse, the fiftyish agent provocateur didn’t lose any time for the follow-up Got Cock?.

You shouldn’t expect any drastic changes over such a short time span. Revolting Cocks are still practicing what they are best at: industrial rock, with a strong emphasis on the “rock” part. The opener Trojan Horse combines danceable industrial music with an unusual stadium rock flair contrasting with the commonly accepted coldness of industrial music. The following Filthy Senoritas features British guitarist Mark Thwaite (The Mission, Peter Murphy, Spear Of Destiny,…) whose contribution makes for a funny melange of wave rock la Sisters Of Mercy and Hispanic folk. Revolting Cocks can still rock hard, as displayed on Piss Army, a track followed by Fuck Monkey and Bitch Addictive. The song titles are a good indication at the band’s testosterone filled sense of mature humour… if Al Jourgensen were an Indian, he’s be Poke-A-Hot-Ass. The very un-PC lyrics might offend some more sensitive people, but let’s face it: this attitude is what makes Revolting Cocks so endearing.

The album ends on a strange cover version of 2 Live Crew’s Me So Horny (plus a remix of that very same song) which unfortunately is not nearly as funny as their groundbreaking Rod Stewart tribute Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?.

Got Cock? is another fine effort for Revolting Cocks. There are some truly funny moments, some kick-ass songs, but what the album lacks is a sense of surprise and discovery. Instead we get tried-and-tested sleaziness, which I still prefer to the later, more aggressive Ministry albums. The remix album should be out quite soon too, if Al Jourgensen stays true to his current release policies.

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