REVOLUTION MOTHER - Rollin’ With Tha Mutha

Revolution Mother - Rollin’ With Tha Mutha

12 songs
46:33 minutes
***** **


Revolution Mother have been founded by Mike Valley who made himself a name in the skater scene before turning his interest to music. After their debut The Glory, Rollin’ With Tha Mutha is the second album of a band that has an unadulterated good time with dirty rock’n’roll.

The band plays a mix of Motörhead styled riffs and dusty stoner rock, which may not seem overly original but works surprisingly well thanks to the short running time and their unmistakable joy of playing. The four Californians rely on simple riffs that stick already after the second or third time. The songs are kept quite dynamical and rock straight ahead, which should also be their principal objective. Nevertheless the album can be blamed for a certain lack of variety, which counts as well for the songwriting as for the screaming vocals. Some tracks manage to stand out, like the nervous Time Machine and the gloomy The Snake which creeps like lava, but these are only a few exceptions on the CD. Towards the end, the album becomes quieter and more stoned with the longer songs Crossroader and The Rider, but similar stuff has been done often enough in the desert rock genre.

I don’t doubt that Revolution Mother are able to perform energy-filled live shows, but they have to work on eradicating their current monotony. It takes more to stick out among the huge number of bands in the rock circus.

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