Riefenstahl - Instinkt

12 songs
45:45 minutes


Nazis or not, giving the band the name of a film producer that glorified Hitler’s Nazi Germany is a matter of bad taste. And the fact that Riefenstahl are refusing to answer questions about the band name doesn’t help to add more credibility to their image.

Riefenstahl from Hannover call Weissglut one of their major influences. And weren’t Weissglut the band that had to fire their singer because of fascist activities? I was never a Weissglut fan and what I hear on Riefenstahl’s second album Instinkt doesn’t impress me either.

The opener Es ist vorbei (unfortunately it isn’t) sounds as if German comic metal band J.B.O. tried to be aggressive. The following Augen auf (I would prefer Ohren zu) tries to bring some Neue Deutsche Härte elements into their music, but the song suffers from a distinct lack of aggression. Ein Wort von dir and Venusschrei are two further irrelevant tracks that have not even the slightest elements of excitement. And don’t think it improves from here on. Es tut so weh keeps it promise and gives major earaches, Ich halt dich fest could be a discarded song that was even too band for prolo heroes Wolfgang Petry and Mathias Reim.

The album doesn’t contain one single track with at least modest fragments of engaging songwriting. This is one of the worst rock and metal albums I have ever heard, so that I have to punish them with the lowest possible rating.

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