RINGWORM - Birth Is Pain

Ringworm - Birth Is Pain

11 songs
25:10 minutes
***** *

When Lex was offered to write a review of a CD by a band called Ringworm, he was all excited about it, because both he and I remembered a band called Ringwurm, of whom we reviewed a 7"-EP ages ago. Now there's only one letter different between the two bandnames, but also quite a change of musical style.

Granted, both bands play aggressive hardcore music, but even before starting off this review, I have to say that the band with the 'u' are more to my liking. Why is that? After reading Ringworm's biography, I expected a band to change life as we know it. Brooding guitar lines that reach into the depths of your mind, memorable vocals, etc. I could go on quoting the info sheet, but the truth is that - in my humble opinion - Ringworm is just another fast and brutal hardcore band. The singer who is aptly named Human Furnace has a fitting voice, but it is not memorable, and the guitar lines are just plain old school like. The songs are short, and I feel reminded of early Slapshot stuff. Nothing really to psyche out your mind. If you want that, I suggest bands like Soilent Green, Burnt By The Sun or Today Is The Day, because they really do what Ringworm promise to be.

Let's not be overly negative now though, because Birth Is Pain is still a good album, although with its short running time nothing I would pay lots of money for. Anyway there's more original bands around. Still, if you like well crafted fast and furious hardcore with some good guitar leads, you might still want this album. From me, there's a neutral 6 and the hope that the band will develop really psychotic song structures in the future.

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