RIOT - Through The Storm

Riot - Through The Storm

10 songs
51:36 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Riot is one of the oldest metal bands still around without having lost a grain of its original quality. The band has been founded in 1976 and Through The Storm is already their 16th album. As on their predecessor Sons Of Society, the name Riot is still standing for very melodic power metal played at the highest level. There are only few people who can play as harmonic guitar riffs as band leader Mark Reale. The same compliment goes to singer Mike Dimeo who is one of the best among all metal singers. Riot is still able to combine classic power metal riffs with absolutely melodic lines, without sounding boring. There are of course some very fast tracks as for instance the opener Turn The Tables which guides you immediately into the right mood for another great Riot record. One of the highlights is Chains which shows everything from rocking power metal to mid-tempo parts. The absolute highlight is Essential Enemies which contains great choruses and some experiences with distorted vocals. Not sounding typically Riot, but that's the interesting point. There are also two coverversions on the CD: Only You Can Rock Me by U.F.O. and an instrumental version of the Beatles' Here Comes The Sun. Another nice folky sounding instrumental is called Isle Of Shadows. It's great that Riot are still able to convince with new songs when you compare them to similar aged bands as Deep Purple or the Scorpions who stand already with one foot in the grave.

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