RISING FAITH - The Arrival

Rising Faith - The Arrival

13 songs
48:34 minutes
***** **


True metal, power metal, Eighties metal, so many terms to express the one and same thing. Although the revival of so-called true metal already started in the mid-Nineties, even I have to admit that it is one of the longest living movements. You really may wonder how these bands still find names or even ideas for cover artwork and song titles, but granted, a lot of what we get these days sounds very much the same.

Rising Faith may therefore certainly not be the re-inventors of classic metal, but then I doubt that this ever was their intention. Two intros and eleven songs of about 4 minutes each make this a rather stripped down metal album, something with which they gained some sympathy points with me. Instead of endless guitar solos and never-ending repetitions, this new Swedish metal band concentrates on the song. As not only their songwriting is already very high profile, but furthermore the overall impression is enhanced by Andy LaRocque's top notch production, you will find here a piece of quality metal... as long as you are into that kind of music.

One more thing to distinguish them from most other metal bands: you may look as hard as you like, but you certainly won't find even the trace of a ballad on this album. Not that I don't like soft sounds - and I do really appreciate them - as long as they are not performed by metal bands. So although the songs all have clearly recognisable melodies, the production puts also a lot of emphasis on the rhythm section which makes for a nice crunchy sound. As mentioned already, it is certainly not original, but still a surprisingly good album that should appeal to many metalheads.

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